Product Name: TINK

Basic Configuration: Head + Body + Wood Box (Event) + Certificate

Note: Wig, costume, eyeball are not included in the picture.

Color of photograph is normal color.

Please note that we will not cancel your order after payment is confirmed.

Delivery time is 45 business days.

eye,wigs, and delivery charges are excluded.

The beautiful case is made of acrylic on the front.

Body size

Height 43cm

Head 18cm

Neck 7.5cm

Shoulder 7cm


Bust 17cm

-Waist 14.8cm-Waist 9cm


Inseam 15.5cm-Length 17.5cm



Doll stand not included.

Order terms

The order lead time for dolls is one month depending on the additional options of the order.

1. The rest of the doll should be paid before shipping.

2. The price and order of additional options are available after casting the doll and writing the example.

We also consider split payments.

3. Enter the correct address alphabetically.

 If there is any missing part, we will reply to us again, so please double check your delivery address.

Payment / shipping

PayPal, KOOKMIN BANK, Other Money Transfer.

Shipping costs are not included in the price and vary by shipping country.

 Thank you for your support and we hope you fall in love with ACDC.DOLL.

Payment and delivery

1. Transferring to the Bank account
2. PayPal online payments system
3. Other payment's methods are also can be considered
All additional Banks' or payments systems' transferring fees are at the Buyer's expense.


The dolls can be shipped worldwide, through regular mail EMS (EMS Post).
Shipping expense depends on the location of the buyer. We live in korea.
Sending will be done in one-two months from the final payment.



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