OUTFIT   Necklace, corset dress, underwear

Body dimensions

height - 39cm
head- 11.5cm
insert eyes - 6mm-10mm
shoulder to shoulder -6.8cm
shoulder to wrist -12cm
bust - 14.8cm
waist - 9cm
hips - 15.5cm
inseam -17.5cm
feet length - 4cm
feet with _1.7cm

Limited GABI SET

-Ball jointed resin doll
- head(vampire head, person head)
- 3set hands
- 6mm glass eyes(color will be randomly decided)
- Random Faceup(Artist's choice)
- Random body painting(Artist's choice)
- black long hair
- red rose silk corset dress (necklace inclusive)
- tailor-made black heel
- wood Box for the Doll

You can choose

-Ball jointed resin doll skin color (peach normal-50usd, moist beige, moist chocolatte, dark tan+150usd)
The Dartan color can be sold out early.

Doll stand is not included.

Terms of order
Order lead time of the Doll is one-three months, depends on the additional options of the order.
1. Reservation of the Doll is 300$ ( this fee is non-refundable in case of cancellation of the order)
2. The rest part should be paid before the shipping of the Doll.
3. The prices and orders of additional options will be available after casting of the Doll and creating the examples.

we also consider Payment by installments

PayPal, KOOKMIN BANK, other transfers.
The cost of delivery is not included in the price and depends on the country of delivery.

Thank you! Appreciate for your support and hope you will all fall in love with ICOROSE.DOLL.

Payment and delivery

1. Transferring to the Bank account
2. PayPal online payments system
3. Other payment's methods are also can be considered
All additional Banks' or payments systems' transferring fees are at the Buyer's expense.


The dolls can be shipped worldwide, through regular mail EMS (EMS Post).
Shipping expense depends on the location of the buyer. We live in korea.
Sending will be done in one-two months from the final payment.



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